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13" Barstool Drum Planter

13" Barstool Drum Planter

  • Previously loved, no longer playable 13” upper tom drum upcycled into a beautiful planter.

  • 3/4" handmade, solid wood barrier has been installed inside the drum and sealed with an eco-friendly rubber sealant, making it waterproof and suitable for plants. Can be used either inside or outside, however not recommended to leave out in inclement weather.

  • Drum has been mounted and secured on the base of a repurposed barstool.

  • Hand painted in a beautiful red and black combination with numerous coats of water based clear coat on the exterior.

  • Drum dimensions are 13” W x 10 1/2“H as pictured. With the barstool base the maximum height is 36 1/2" tall. It can accommodate up to a 12” pot inside the drum or can be filled with soil and a plant of your choice.

  • Each drum planter is handmade, unique, and one of a kind. We strive to upcycle all drum designs to be near perfect condition, so that any visible marks are eliminated, however there may be the odd small blemish, colour variation or mark in the wood grain or on the drum hardware, which adds to the character of the piece.

  • Please note: Barstool Planters are sold individually and flowers/decor are not included.
  • Please email us if you have any questions
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