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Acoustic Bluetooth Speaker Guitar

Acoustic Bluetooth Speaker Guitar

C$425.00 Regular Price
C$297.50Sale Price
  •  Previously loved, no longer playable acoustic guitar, that has been repurposed into a stunning Bluetooth guitar speaker with hand carved artwork.

  • Back and face of guitar are made from 1/2” Canadian Aspen ply and stained in a beautiful dark walnut.

  • Artwork was hand dremeled and hand painted with colour shift paint that changes from green to turquoise to blue and purple depending on the light and angle.

  • New bluetooth speaker assembly works up to 33' away.

  • Main charging connection, power button are installed on the side of the guitar and the access panel that holds the battery is installed on the back.

  • Battery life is 12 hours at full volume and takes 6 hours for a full charge, charging cable and USB plug are included.

  • New guitar strings and tuners.

  • Hanging hardware is installed on the back of the guitar and it can be hung on a wall or displayed on a guitar stand.

  • Please email us if you have any questions


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