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WE DRUM TO A Different BEAT.

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Where upcycling meets musical artistry! We specialize in creating stylish and functional decor, art and furniture designs that rock! Each sustainable design is made from previously loved musical instruments, upcycled in our workshop in Markham, Ontario and is handcrafted with attention to detail, creativity and craftsmanship. At Funky Upbeat Designs, we drum to a different beat!


The Funky Upbeat Designs creative team- Leigh and Darren did a phenomenal job in repurposing and up cycling my son’s beginner drum set. When he outgrew this set, we thought to give it a new life n look and also a functional purpose so approached Funky Upbeat designs team after seeing some of their impressive and up cycled drum designs on their social media page. The creative duo team articulated each piece of our drum set including cymbal and transformed them into a custom built, one of a kind unique and functional home decor art and furniture. The team right from the onset of this project were clear, transparent and meticulous about the whole designing process, communicating via email with all minute details and updates including progress pictures throughout every step of the way. The whole new set was uniquely curated with finesse and excellence!
Overall, Funky Upbeat Designs team and their artistic creations are highly prized with attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. They are truly great at what they do! 

S.K. - Chicago, IL

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